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Desserts To Die For

For those of you who own their sugar addiction proudly. Here are ten desserts guaranteed to pique the interest of your well-beloved sweet tooth.


This intricate dessert made of layer on layer of filo pastry, filled with nuts and syrup or honey is a decadent mouthful and has a delicate sweetness and a lovely crunch that anyone would enjoy. A warm piece of baklava pairs really well with an ice cold coconut milkshake. It just works.


This dessert has its origins in England and is made of alternating layers of lady fingers or sponge cake soaked in sherry, fruit and custard. The beauty about trifle is that it is easily customizable, thus there can be hundreds of variations. You can make it as sweet as you want and as adult as you want.


This dessert should first off, get props for how pretty it can be. It has no choice though, it was named after a ballerina. A meringue-based dessert with a hard crust and soft, fluffy marshmallow like inside that is usually topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

No-Bake Ice-cream Cake

This is perhaps the easiest dessert in the world to make and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel confident in their baking or anyone who just can’t be bothered to preheat the oven to whatever degrees. It is another versatile, variable dessert; layer upon layer of whatever you feel makes up your ideal ice cream cake.

Bread pudding

Another great dessert from England , is the humble but mind blowing bread pudding. This dessert that comes together from the everyday ingredients you have in your house: bread, sometimes stale bread, milk, butter, syrup or sugar, fruit and spices. It is a filling and comforting thing to eat and something anyone can make.

White Chocolate Cake

There’s something special about chocolate cake. There’s something even more special about white chocolate cake. The basic white chocolate cake requires for melted white chocolate, mixed with vanilla, eggs to be mixed with the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar. From this basic recipe, you can feel free to add other things that you like with white chocolate. Like strawberries or cherries in the butter cream frosting between the layers. You can add coconut or a favourite with white chocolate is macadamia nuts.

Orange Dark Chocolate Cake

Orange and dark chocolate is a match made in heaven. There has never been a more accurate match of flavours that go together. This cake is not too sweet, but it is sweet enough. On top of that it smells amazing because of the vibrant, citrus scent from the orange and when you like how food smells, it makes the eating experience that much more satisfying. A slice of this divine cake would pair well with a tall and wide cup of mocha, because a chocolate cake pairs well with coffee that has chocolate in it. It has no choice. That they both have chocolate in them makes them food cousins. 

If you enjoy taking a ride on the sweeter side, don’t be afraid to try out one of these out! There are so many desserts that can take you to heaven, leave you there for a while and have you coming back for more. What are some of your favourite desserts?

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