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Cool Social Media Food Trends

Sometimes it seems like you’ll wake up and there will be some new trend on Instagram or Facebook that everyone is going on and on about. Some challenge that every YouTube star is doing and it can be a bit much. That being said, there are some really cool and fun trends that deserved the hype they got and should probably stick around for a while.

Here are ten of them:

1. Black Ice Cream

Firstly, black ice cream just sounds like a cool thing. Then, it looks really beautiful and it tastes really good with a subtle but not overbearing cinnamon flavour.

2. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

This idea probably happened because someone really loved unicorns and believed they ate the rainbow. This sandwich is made with different cheeses that are coloured with different colours. This cool sandwich began as a rainbow bagel in a Brooklyn restaurant and is now a viral sensation all over the world.


3. Cut-out Fruit

Fruit is are a good thing and they are even better when they come in shapes. All over Instagram, foodies and food bloggers are getting in the spirit of fruit that comes in funky shapes. On top of pancakes you’ll see heart or star shaped strawberries and bananas. Perhaps there’ll even be a whole fruit salad of fruit cut out into cool shapes, which makes for really good pictures.

4. Smoothie Bowls

It’s likely that smoothie bowls happened because a college student realised they had run out of clean cups for their smoothie and they decided to put it in a bowl, realised it was a genius idea and had the courtesy to share their genius with the world on social media. Well, that’s one theory. Whatever you believe about the origin of this fun breakfast or any time of day treat, it’s definitely a trend that needs to stick around.

5. Sushi Burger

Once upon a time, there was Burger Week on Instagram, and people were challenged to come up with creative burgers all week long and share them on the platform. Then the sushi burger was born. The first was a vegan version that was full of colour. The most fun thing about it, is that the buns are made of sushi rice and black sesame seeds that for some reason make you think of pandas when you look at them. There can be nothing wrong with something that makes you think of pandas.

6. Taco Pizza

Tacos are great. Pizzas are even better. Taco pizza though, is on a whole new level of awesomeness. It’s simple really; this is a pizza with tacos on top. There are no words to explain how epic that is, so this will be all.

7. Fruit Spread

This is a trend made popular by vegans and people on plant based diets. Where fashion bloggers post videos of their clothing hauls, these enthusiastic fruit and veggie loving users spread out their fruits and vegetables out on the table , or in the fridge or in a bowl and take pictures that make you feel the love of Mother Earth.

8. Drinking everything from a mason jar

Mason jars have taken over the world, move aside everything else that ever held a beverage. These rustic jars make for pretty pictures and almost everything that goes in them looks really good.

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