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Classic Food Couples That Were Meant to Be

In this life there are things that just must go together; sunny days and the beach, cold days and a bowl of soup, the list is endless. In the same way, there are food pairs that are so classic, so perfect together they deserve a place in history under “Things That Work”. Here are the food couples that should stay together forever:

Peanut Butter & Jelly

The PB&J is the most unpretentious sandwich. It is simple and unapologetic. It can’t be more, it can’t be less. This sandwich is the personification in form of food of the expression: There’s elegance in simplicity. On top of that it’s one of those pair that always brings you pleasant memories as one of the first sandwiches you ate as a child.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

This pair is a great, fail-safe pick me up on a cold day that has so much potential to be super complex and fabulous, or super simple and still be fabulous. Whether you’re taking the gourmet version or the rustic, homemade version grilled cheese and tomato soup will hardly ever disappoint. If it does, you’re probably in a nightmare and you need to pinch yourself awake.


Milk and Cookies

This is the pair that is loved by children everywhere. There was nothing quite like coming home from school to sit at the table with ain front of a warm plate of your favourite cookies and a tall glass of milk. Also, all the cartoon kids had milk and cookies as a snack. How could this not be the perfect match? Even cartoons agree.

Ice Cream and Cake

There’s just something special about breaking in cake into ice cream and enjoying that play of smooth and creamy versus sponge and crumb. Perhaps even the more organized version of having a bite of cake and following it with a spoon of ice cream. Nothing can go wrong when these two come together.

Pie A La Mode

Cold ice cream on a warm slice of good pie is a match made in food heaven. The combination of textures, the difference in temperatures, the blend of flavours all work so well together. It’s something worth shedding a few tears of joy over. It is just that good.

Steak and Potatoes

Let the record show, that you can never really go wrong if potatoes are nearby. They are the perfect starch. When paired with a well seasoned, perfectly cooked steak fireworks go off in your brain at the harmony between the two. The thing about steak is that it is so accommodating to the potatoes it will take them however it can get them, mashed, fried, wedged, roasted or baked, steak will still fit itself perfectly into whatever the potato is trying to do. Talk about complementing each other.

Orange and Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not something that’s for everybody; there are those who find it too bitter. However, when it is paired with the fragrant, vibrant citrus of orange, dark chocolate becomes something anyone can like. This pair is the perfect example of two things that are neither here nor there on their own, but when put together; they are transformed into something that ought to be put down in history books.

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