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5 Teas To Try And Their Benefits

Tea is a beverage that has so much meaning and so many benefits if used well. It is something that many people have a connection to as tea is something we drink when we socialize, or when we need to calm down or just because it’s a fun beverage to drink when you’re reading a book. There’s just something about drinking tea and reading books that works. Tea has also been known and used for a long time to give its drinker many different benefits, so if you’re an avid tea drinker and are looking for something new to try here’s a few suggestions for you.

1. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has a pleasant fruity flavour and a fragrant aroma. Oolong has a natural sweetness to it that requires little to no assistance from other sweeteners like sugar and honey. This attribute makes the tea a perfect choice for iced tea. This is because as other teas lose sweetness when they are cold, forcing you to add a lot of sugar, the natural sweetness of oolong makes it so that you don’t have to assist its sweetness. It contains a lot of vital minerals and vitamins like manganese, calcium, and vitamins B and C. The tea is also full of antioxidants which are a great thing if you want beautiful skin.

2. Hibiscus Tea

First off, hibiscus flowers are beautiful and the tea with its floral undertones and tangy flavour make for a great tea drinking experience. Hibiscus has a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C that helps to build your body’s immunity. It also helps to improve blood production and circulation in the body. One great thing about hibiscus is it is really good hot or cold. Also, unlike many other teas, its flavour is one that can easily blend with other flavours. Hibiscus Strawberry Tea, Hibiscus Raspberry tea, Hibiscus Blood Orange Tea....the possibilities are endless. 

3. Ginger Tea

Who knew that steeping ginger root in hot water would create a tea with powerful properties? Well, the Chinese, that’s who knew. Ginger tea has been used for a long time in China as a medicinal tea. It helps to aid digestion, and has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to fight fever and can also be used as a natural painkiller.

4. Chamomile Tea

It has long been known that chamomile tea is the perfect solution for anyone who’s having a restless night. Chamomile has a floral and pleasantly earthy sweetness that is accompanied by a fragrant aroma that immediately begins to calm you as you inhale it. If you’re having a bad day, you can’t sleep, are feeling down or just want to sleep better, a hot cup of chamomile tea can help you with all of those things.

5. Red Rooibos Tea

For anyone who is trying to kick a caffeine addiction but worries about missing out on the robustness of a real cup of strong tea, red rooibos tea is pretty close to the real thing. Choosing this as a replacement for your caffeine fix ensures that you do not need to might miss out on too much other than caffeine and tannins, which is a good thing.  Red Rooibos Tea has also been known to have positive helpful for treating eczema, asthma, insomnia and persistent headaches.

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