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5 Gag Inducing Foods That Make You Go “Why?”

Most times you sit down to have a meal; it’s something that you have every intention of enjoying. However, there are some strange things that people put into their mouths and stomachs intentionally that would make anyone ask “why?” 

Here are 5 things that only the most adventurous eaters and people with stomachs made of steel can enjoy.


This is a fermented dairy product that is made from, wait for it, horse milk. The milk from a mare is fermented with the help of continuous stirring and churning and turns into a mildly alcoholic drink. Apparently, this is something that can be given to people who are lactose intolerant. Also, unfermented horse milk is generally not drunk because it can be a strong laxative. However, why drink horse milk?


Century egg

It is also known as a preserved egg, thousand year egg or the millennium egg, this is a Chinese delicacy of preserved egg. It is made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls. This process changes the colour of the yolk to a grey, black colour, while the egg white turns a translucent orange colour. The egg smells quite strongly of ammonia to the extent that it was once believed that they were preserved in horse urine, which is not true. If you have a weak stomach, the smell alone would probably turn you off from eating this egg. Modern developments in science looking to speed up the process have led to a lot of unscrupulous use of heavy metals to preserve the egg faster and earn more money. So, these eggs might make you more than just a bit sick if you don’t eat a safe preserved egg.

Scorpion soup

If insects and things with legs and talons make you cringe, you will definitely have a problem with scorpion soup. Scorpions are poisonous externally. Of course, they have to be made safe to eat before they are cooked, but, why bother? The person who invented this must have run out of shrimp. However, this started; it’s a pretty scary thing to think of let alone eat. If you’re thinking of trying it, or you have tried it you have a special kind of courage and a very strong stomach.


In the Philippines and other parts of Asia, soft-boiled duck foetus is a delicacy of duck embryo eaten from the shell. Once the egg is fertilized, it is left to incubate for 14 to 21 days for the embryo to develop before it is cooked. In some parts of Vietnam it is believed that eating this type of egg is beneficial for pregnant women. Balut is a food that sparks controversy for many reasons one of the main concerns are animal rights concerns that have been raised. 

Cheese maggots

Traditionally known as “Casu marzu” a term that translates to “rotten cheese” is a traditional Sardinian delicacy of cheese made from sheep’s milk that has live insect larvae in it, that is, maggots. This cheese is so stinky it’s illegal. It can however still be found on the black market and is only found in Sardinia, Italy. Oh, and they don’t take out the maggots, the cheese is eaten as is, maggots and all. 

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