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Why Korean BBQ Is A Foodie’s Dream

Korean barbeque is a popular method in Korean cuisine of preparing and grilling meat over a charcoal or gas grill. Korean barbeque restaurants often have the grill built into the centre of the table. This style of barbeque is a hands on do it yourself experience as the cuts of meat you order are bought to the table raw, having being cut, sliced and/or marinated in preparation.

There are various cuts and types of meat available depending on the restaurant you go to. Usually, the most common and probably the most popular is beef bulgogi, which is marinated, thinly sliced beef. There is also the un-marinated beef chadolbegi which is so thin it cooks in seconds. One can also have pork belly, short ribs and other thicker cuts of meat.

Korean BBQ has quickly become a must do on every foodie’s bucket list. Frankly speaking, it is the perfect activity for anybody who is passionate about food and cooking. If you’re a foodie and you have never tried Korean barbeque before, you should. Here’s why:

It is a great shared experience.

Food always tastes better when you’re eating with friends. Korean barbeque will almost never be the meal you can eat alone; you have to bring someone along with you. Thus, it is the perfect place to hang out and bond with someone you haven’t seen in a while, someone you see every day or another foodie who shares your passion and love for food. Also, if you happen to have a Korean friend who is familiar and knowledgeable about Korean barbeque, ask them to tag along.

Its hands on

If you’re a foodie who is as passionate about cooking as you are about eating, Korean barbeque was made for you. You are involved in preparing your meal. You can get in there, participate, ask questions and get answers. It can be a great way to learn about Korean cuisine and culture.

It tastes amazing

Korean barbeque is a dream come true because it just tastes amazing. The marinated meats that are used have been marinated in all kinds of goodness like soy sauce, ginger, garlic and many other fun things to make your taste buds happy. Even the un-marinated meats have a lot of inherent flavour to bring to the table. The whole experience, taste-wise, is priceless.

It’s crazy fun

Korean barbeque is fun. You get to eat good food. If you pick the right people, you have good company. You get to play around on the grill and be part of the meal making process. Just think of it this way, if the meal is beyond your wildest dreams; you grilled the meat and you’re one of the reasons it was so good. 

If you have good friends with you and you have good food in front of you, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. If you’re looking for a food experience that has more fun to offer beyond the food, this is the experience you need to have. 

There is almost nothing to be worried about or complain about when it comes to Korean barbeque especially if you have an adventurous spirit and an open mind. 

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