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The Rise Of Veganism And The Vegan Foodie

Veganism is described as a way of life that seeks to do the least harm to living things and to the environment. This way of life includes a vegan diet. A vegan diet is plant based and does not include any form of animal products such as milk, meat, eggs and honey. Further, there are vegans who move beyond just the dietary facet of a vegan lifestyle and avoid animal by products like leather and silk. 

Over the past few years, veganism has become more and more popular and more and more people seem to be going vegan every day. This growth in veganism can be attributed to many things the main ones being: individuals becoming more conscious about their environment, trying to build a healthier lifestyle, to look more beautiful and also to fight diseases and possible chronic conditions. Whatever reason one has for going vegan, the fact remains: Vegans are fast becoming a wider demographic in the food world.

Vegan restaurants and food spots are becoming the norm all over the world with a vast majority of the same located in Europe and North America. As veganism begins to become more widespread in other continents, there will no doubt be a response from the food industry and other industries to meet the demand for vegan food and vegan goods. Vegan restaurants, vegan chefs and vegan activists work towards creating in the mind of those watching and listening a conviction that vegan food is not boring; vegan food is more than just a salad with no ranch dressing. Vegans are trying their hardest to demonstrate that a vegan lifestyle has options. Beyond that, vegan companies creating alternatives to things like ice cream, eggs, meat, bacon and honey are also playing a big part in creating a space that is safe for more and more people to go vegan.

With veganism and vegan cuisine gaining a following, it therefore follows that a new space has been created for the vegan foodie. This is a space that moves beyond activism and animal rights, though by no means does it undermine them. The new space gives these foodies a chance to persuade with their love for food and their culinary skills. Looking at social media, especially Instagram and YouTube, it can sometimes feel like vegans have taken over the world with how effectively and positively most of them use social media to educate their followers on the lifestyle. 

There are foodies who teach people how to customize fast food meals from McDonalds and Wendy’s and make them vegan. There are others who take their followers along with them on their eating escapades, which create awareness about vegan restaurants and food options for those thinking about going vegan. Some share innovative cooking ideas and videos that make it easy for people to take up a vegan lifestyle with what they have in their pantries. Other vegan foodies just do a great job of making you want to eat what they are eating. A lot of these activities are not in vain, because food is a powerful tool for influence and many of these foodies’ followers attest their going vegan partly or even completely to the foodie the follow on social media.

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