Privacy Policy

We try to keep things simple. We hate spam. We hate trusting our information to companies and having that trust violated in practically every way imaginable.

Third Party Disclaimer

Third Party scripts might be used, for example, to serve map graphics or potential advertisements which are used to support our site.
When such scripts are utilized, we have no control over their use of data which might be available by nature of simply being on the internet. Please be aware that this site has no control over third party scripts and ultimately is not responsible for how third parties may or may not use information available to them through use of such scripts on our site.
In some cases, open-source resources and scripts are utilized by this site for convenience. These scripts are very often extraordinarily well-written and as they are open-source they are subject to frequent peer-review, extensive documentation and frequent bug-fixes. We do our best to make sure the most recent, non-breaking version of such scripts are used. Wherever required by applicable copyright or usage directives, such scripts will be credited in the site documentation, most likely in this section.